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It’s miles better by bike

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“You must be really fit!” That’s the false assumption people make about me because I cycle every day. In reality, my bike rides are mostly around Cardiff city centre, which is incredibly flat and so not very taxing at all. All of which makes it the perfect place to explore by bike.

Added to that are the many miles of cycle routes along roads, through parks and alongside rivers which make cycling safe and a much greener and normally faster alternative to driving here.

I’ve always got ridiculously excited to go on guided cycle rides in other cities – our tours in Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, Bogota, Paris, Dubrovnik, Stockholm and York (pictured above – thanks Cecil!) have been one of the most memorable parts of the trip and have certainly helped us get our bearings and get a good taste of the city, without poring through guidebooks. 

It’s an added bonus to be able to swap info with the other customers and pick the brains of the guide, which always helps with planning activities for the rest of the trip.

That all makes me wonder why we’ve never thought to set up cycle tours in Cardiff before.  But now we are, and high time too.

Beccy 🙂

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